Vision Board Discovery Workbook

This 39 page workbook is going to get you heart-centred and clear before you even begin the vision board process. Sometimes creating a vision board when we haven’t done some initial ‘work’ can lead to less clarity and focus on our board. This workbook is designed to probe, prompt and package your vision to help you create a powerful, intentional vision board.

Each section invites you to go deeper with who you are and what you most want! You can complete the workbook online or print it out to complete by hand.

Delve in to your desires and give yourself that additional time and clarity to get you one step closer to a life you’ll love.

£8.99 – Instant Access (click image to download)

Vision Board – What’s Next? Workbook

You’ve created your vision board. Now what?

You’ve got your board on the wall and it looks awesome but now it’s time to get turning that dream into reality.

This workbook is designed to get what’s on the board in to your life by inviting you to analyse and anticipate next steps based on what you’ve created. If we want to take our vision board forward we need to be prepared to do some work and that’s where prompts and priorities are incredibly useful.

Your vision board won’t work all by itself, you need to get in on the act to create the magic. This workbook is your vision board companion guide. Complete it online or print off to go through the exercises again and again until you find you’re well on your way to creating the life you want.

£8.99 – Instant acccess (click image to download)

Guided Vision Meditation

Access this Miss Manifestation Guided Visualisation Meditation to help you centre on your vision by meeting your future self.

Future self meditations are powerful tools to help us map the steps needed to get us to where we want to be.

This is a meditation you can use before and after your vision board creation to access the deeper, wiser part of you that knows what you have to do.

Free. Click on image to download.

Vision Board Like A Vixen

Vision Board Like A Vixen Book

Learn how to create an inspired vision board that connects you to your inner wisdom and outer desires. This book covers everything you need to know about how to create a vision board so that you can create a board that is uniquely you and captures the essence of what you want to be, do, have and feel.

This book is for you if you’re new to vision boarding or just want to make sure that you’re covering all the bases. If you have any questions about the vision boarding process you’ll get the answers here!

You’ll also get the full lowdown on how to use your vision board, leaving you confident about next steps and one step closer to understanding and integrating what you most need at this time.

£5.99 – Instant Access

Manifest An Amazing Relationship Guide & Workbook


This isn’t just a book, it’s a guide and workbook for you to complete with 17 manifesting exercises for helping you to attract a relationship that is fulfilling and exciting.

Not only will you follow my story of how I manifested my husband, you’ll learn the manifesting exercises I used and the number one lesson I had to learn to be able to move on to get to the space where I could attract a loving, respectful relationship.

Learn the blocks to manifesting an amazing relationship and what may be ultimately holding you back.

You will be called upon to do the work necessary to get you in the space where you’re coming from a place of wholeness.

This is a guide and workbook for those who are committed to doing the work and having some fun along the way!

£39 – Instant Access

Vision Board Meditation

This free Guided Vision Board Meditation is for you to use with your vision board – to access your inner wisdom and guidance and tap into the strength within you.

Listen to it whilst sat in front of your vision board.

Free – click image to download


Manifest Your Dream Home E-Course

Learn the specific manifesting techniques I used to manifest THREE dream homes so that you can do the same!

From the mansion in the 100 acre countryside estate to the £million eco-home, I’ve got a proven track record when it comes to scoring amazing homes to live in. This e-course gives you the five step process I go through to manifest my dream home.

The best bit? It’s free.

You’ve nothing to lose, sign up today for this super easy 5 step process and get ready to move in to your dream home.

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