The only thing I love more than creating my own amazing life…

Is helping other women to do the same.

I’ve helped hundreds of women to create an inspiring and compelling vision for their future.

It’s my desire to help as many women as possible access this transformational tool for creating positive change.

What if you could run your own business helping women create a vision for a more fulfilled life?

5 Reasons to Become a Miss Manifestation Visioneer

tickEarn £250 – £350 a month for just one afternoon per month.

tickFlexible hours to suit you. Work around your family or job.

tickNo previous experience necessary. Full research-based training given to all Visioneers. 

tickOngoing support and membership to the Miss Manifestation Visioneer Network.

tickThe opportunity to work with like-minded women and help them to create their ideal life.

What Is A Visioneer?


I discovered the transformational tool of vision board creation in 2007. When I saw for myself just how incredible the process of vision boarding was, I was keen to share this with other like-minded women. Women who were stuck, women who were ready to get clarity, focus, direction and purpose. Women who wanted to step up to a life with more passion and possibility.

I’ve helped hundreds of women create a powerful vision for their future. This work is incredibly powerful and rewarding. Once you see for yourself what happens when a woman awakens long-forgotten dreams and desires you’ll want to facilitate it again and again.

A vision board helps women design the life they want to live.

vision board
How to do a vision board

tickNew Job 


tickNew Relationship 

tickNew Home 

Vision Board

If your purpose is to empower women to create positive change in their lives, join me on this quest.

Apply to become a Miss Manifestation Visioneer for 2017.

What’s involved?

Becoming a Visioneer will allow you to access full comprehensive training on how to run a Vision Board Workshop.

You’ll receive full training on everything you need to know to run a Vision Board workshop, including all the materials to make sure your workshop is life-enhancing and profitable.

Access up to the minute valuable hands-on information to create amazing workshops your participants will love!

The Visioneer Course will provide you with all the information you need to deliver high-quality, engaging and inspirational workshops.

What? – just what is Vision Boarding and how does it work?

When? – the best times to hold your workshop

Where? – sourcing venues that will ensure comfort, safety and profit

How? – the entire process from planning to delivery to the after-care for your participants

Who? – who should attend a vision board workshop and how do you reach them and talk their language?

Why? – learn the credible ‘Science’ behind visualisation and transformation through Vision Boards so you know that what you’re teaching is legitimate and why!

More than that, you’ll be provided with how best to support and guide your participants before, during and after the workshop and receive your own support and guidance from me.

Imagine how many lives you could impact through this work!

Benefits & Requirements

You‘ll be in business for yourself but not by yourself.

You’ll have full support and guidance.

No previous workshop experience is necessary.

All that matters is that you have a strong desire to see women empowered and gain clarity on making their dreams their reality.

Vision Board
Make your own vision board
vision board workshops for women
Vision Board

How Does It Work?

Once you apply to become a Visioneer, you’ll be invited to schedule in your 90 minute training session with me. 

You‘ll receive a full workbook that we’ll refer to throughout the training as well as any additional support materials to help you bring this to life.

You’ll become a member of the Miss Manifestation Visioneer group where you can ask questions. This is a network of women who are working to support and empower women to create better lives for themselves and their families. That goes for you too! It’s my vision to have a community of passionate women with a similar vision, values and purpose.

When you step up to become part of this community, you won’t be left behind. I will be there to support you on your own journey to creating a world of women with vision.

Vision Board

Who Is This For?

If you desire to do good work, to help inspire and empower change in the lives of women you meet, this is for you.

If you love to help and support others and contribute towards a greater cause, this is for you.  

If you’re ready to make some money, doing what you love and motivating others to step up to a happier more fulfilled life, this is for you.

Since I began running Vision Board Workshops for Women I’ve met incredible new friends, formed working and personal relationships and connected hundreds of women. I’ve also had some of my own goals and aspirations come true at the workshops!

These are some of the additional benefits you could gain when you start helping women to get clear on their dreams.

Sometimes it genuinely feels like magic!

How Much Does It Cost?

90 minute 1-2-1 online training £199

Become a Miss Manifestation Visioneer.

If you feel called to do this work, if you believe that you’ve got what it takes to inspire women to live a more fulfilled and happy life then please apply to become a Vision Board workshop facilitator.

This is fun but it’s not for you if you’re not committed to creating and providing supportive space for women to dare to dream bigger, to desire more and to put their dreams into action.

If you know this is what you want, join me.

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What next?

Decide to take the leap to help people change their lives. Book your training by clicking the link below.

Enrol Vision Board Workshops


Do I have to be a life coach or workshop facilitator to take this course?

No. If you have a phobia about standing up in front of a room of women and inviting them to dream then this is not the course for you. The course requires that you’re confident enough to lead a workshop but you certainly don’t have to be a qualified facilitator or teacher.

Will you guarantee me customers on completion of the course?

The course teaches you how to run a vision board workshop as well as how to advertise and communicate with customers. On completion of the course you’ll feel confident in your ability to generate customers but you’ll be expected to do the work. Running any business (even a side-hustle) requires some degree of work. Thankfully, you’ll learn from my mistakes in how I’ve managed to fill workshops.

How much do I charge per workshop?

My Miss Manifestation Vision Board Workshops currently charge £49 per person. This is vastly cheaper than some of the other workshops I’ve seen advertised across the UK and abroad. You are free to charge whatever price you feel comfortable with. Full training within the academy will cover pricing and charging what the course is worth – to you and the participants!

Do you have a refund policy?

If you’re not satisfied with the content of the course I’m happy to discuss a refund with you by phone.