Our Best Manifestation Advice Ever

best manifestation advice

You can manifest anything you want.
But how come that sometimes we want to manifest something, and it feels easy, and it appears like magic out of nowhere from one day to the next? And at other times, it evades us when we need it the most?
What is the difference?
And more importantly: how can we change it so that it becomes foul proof every time?
In this article, you’ll find our best manifestation advice ever.

Gratitude Can Move Mountains When Done Right

Be grateful for what you have. And be grateful for what you’re about to receive.
It can seem challenging at times to be grateful.

  • Maybe we have a car that breaks down almost daily.
  • Maybe we live in an apartment that is freezing cold during winter and glowing hot during summer.
  • Maybe we’re in a toxic relationship or we just lost a person dear to us.

There are enough occasions to feel unhappy and when that happens, how do we produce gratitude?
If you hate your home, how can you feel grateful enough about it to change your settings? How can you express gratitude without sounding like a fake?
And how does that change anything, even if you could?

How to Feel Grateful When Things Are Bad

It’s easy to feel grateful when things are good. But what when they are not? What when you hate the way you’re living, your health is bad, your relationship is horrible, and you don’t even have enough money to buy a new pair of shoes?
Then it’s time to get creative. And there are two ways you can get around it.
The first way is to find the positive inside the negative. Nothing is completely bad. There is something good in every experience. You just need to dig it out.
For example, if your spouse left you, think of the good times you’ve experienced together. Or see this as a chance to meet someone else that you’ll be more happy with.
If you live in a house you hate, then find the things you like about it. Does it have nice windows or a bright garden? What made you move into that house in the first place? There has to be something that you liked about it back then. And even though that’s now overshadowed by negative things, pull it forth.
The second way is to find other things that you can be grateful for.
If everything is really bad… You have a stack of unpaid bills and no money. You’re obese and your health could be better. Then appreciate your friends, family or pets.
Find the things that bring you joy and ignore the ones that don’t. And if you cannot think of anything in that moment, then mentally go through your day and visualize everything you do from early morning and until you go to bed.
Then pick everything that is good from those hours. There are things. You just need to find them.
Once you’ve found one or two things, you’re grateful for, it’s time to find what you want to manifest.

Choose Your Goals Wisely

What is it that you really want?
A new car? A better relationship? A new home or spouse?
Be precise about what you want and leave unimportant details to the Universe.
While you’re still practicing manifestations, it can help to choose goals that seem more realistic and faster to reach at the beginning.
Instead of going for $100,000 in a day, make it a goal to make an extra $100 this week.
Instead of wanting that house on the beach, go for that new phone you’ve been eyeing.
Start with one goal in mind. And then either go for something new daily or keep the same goal until you get it. Do what feels best for you.
Next up is a miraculous way to make sure you show your gratitude the best way.

Sandwich Your Gratitude Affirmations

It’s important that you believe in your gratitude affirmations.
If you said, “I’m so grateful now that I make $10,000 per month and I live in a house on the beach and I’m married to the most wonderful person,” you may not believe it.
And that vibration is what the Universe will catch.
“This is so fake.”
If, however, you sandwich your wish in between two things you already have and are grateful for, now all three affirmations will seem genuine. Both to you and the Universe.
You simply find 2 things you’re grateful for that you already have and then in between them say an affirmation of gratitude as if you already had that, too.
Let’s say you’re not happy about your home, but it gives you shelter, so you’re grateful for the roof over your head.
You really, really want a new phone. And you love your pet.
“I’m so grateful for having a roof over my head and for my new, wonderful phone that I love to use, and for having the best pet in the world.”
Now that you have your sandwich affirmations, you need to use them the correct way.

Visualize with Emotion

“Feeling Is the Secret” said Neville Goddard in his book from 1944. When you visualize with emotion, your chances of manifesting your goals just sky-rocketed.
And you’ve probably already tried. You’ve seen yourself living inside your dream house with your dream spouse and your dream health. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Because how would you feel if it were real? Would you be over the moon, jumping up and down, raising your fists and yelling, “YES!” at the top of your lungs?
Would you look awkward doing that simulation if you weren’t alone?
Probably, yes, and you wouldn’t need to either.
Visualizing with emotion can be done just by relaxing in a comfortable chair with closed eyes and the right sound file playing in your headphones. If you’re wondering… This one here is my favorite:

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The best sound files for this purpose are binaural beats and music or nature sounds and no spoken or song words.
And there you have it – our best manifestation advice ever.
Be grateful for what you have and what you want to manifest.
Sandwich your gratitude affirmations.
Visualize with emotion.

Miranda Sage

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