The secret to living your best life?

Is in creating it.

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Ladies, are you curious to learn how you can get clarity, direction and focus and become unstuck in a fun and creative way?

tickDo you dream of a bigger, bolder life?

tickDo you desperately need time to tap in to your desires?

tickAre you lacking motivation and inspiration? 

tickDo you feel as if life is passing you by too quickly?

tickAre you feeling overwhelmed or find yourself procrastinating?

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Join me, Miss Manifestation, for this online Vision Board Like A Vixen workshop where you tap in to your hidden desires, access your creative genius and design your future using the power of visualisation through vision boards.

Here’s the truth:

A fun life full of excitement and pursuing dreams is not a luxury reserved for the super-rich, super-intelligent or those with masses of time.

It’s a luxury reserved for people who take the time to figure out and consciously design a more fun-filled life.


When I created my first vision board over ten years ago I wasn’t aware of just how important these powerful tools for visualisation would be in my life.

I found I was able to achieve anything I put my mind to just by getting emma-1-1-1011x1030clear on what it was I really wanted and creating something that encapsulated what I wanted to be, do, have and feel in my life.

When I saw for myself just how incredible the process of vision boarding was, I was keen to share this with other like-minded women. Women who were ready to get clarity, focus, direction and purpose. Women who wanted to step up to a life with more passion and possibility.

What Is The Vision Board Like A Vixen Course About?

Peek Inside The Course!

What’s included?.

tickTen detailed video lessons explaining all you need to know to create your very own vision board 

tickThe Miss Manifestation 10 minute guided Visualisation Meditation

tickThe ‘Vision Board Discovery’ Workbook & ‘Vision Board – What’s Next?‘ Workbook

tickSupport and Guidance in the ‘Manifesting with Miss Manifestation’ private Facebook group

tickFree ‘Vision Board Like A Vixen’ ebook   

Vision Board Course
vision board
Vision Board Like A Vixen

By the end of the online course you will be ready to create a vision for your future that inspires and motivates you to take action in to making that vision your reality!

Vision boards are powerful tools for making your dreams come true. They’re the critical first step in going after the life you want!

Vision Board Like A Vixen Online Course




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Why do I need a vision board?

The short answer is, you don’t. You don’t need a vision board but if you’re ready to take your life to the next level, you’ll get there much faster with a clear vision. A vision board is a tool for transformation, for change or for getting clear on how you want a particular area of your life to look. The power of this process shouldn’t be underestimated. This is not a fancy art class, this is a declaration to your subconscious about what you want and what you are worthy of receiving. I know, heavy! 🙂

I haven’t a clue how to do a Vision Board?

Don’t worry. I’ve been using Vision Boards with great success for the last ten years and I’ll be guiding you through the entire process. You’ll be taken step-by-step through the whole process with video and a guide book you can refer to again and again. You’ll also have access to me by way of the Facebook group for any questions you may have.

But Emma, I’m not good at Art?

Not a problem, if you can work a pair of scissors and some glue, you’ve got the skills you need to create your very own Vision Board. I’ll be on hand to give you advice and tips! You don’t have to be artistic to create a vision board, your board only needs to make sense to you!

What makes you an authority on vision boards?

I’ve been using vision boards since 2007 with great success. Vision boards have kept me focused and on track to creating abundance and happiness is every area of my life. Whilst my background is in Psychology and Coaching, I have a passion and flair for all things self-development and I love inspiring other women to live a kick-ass life. I have a vision to help 100,000 women create their kick-ass vision. I’m doing it. I’m on it. My question is, are you on your mission?

What if I don’t know what I want?

That’s the brilliant thing about Vision Boarding. Sometimes we’re not sure until the images and words jump out the page and inspire us in ways we hadn’t even imagined. I will work with you personally on the day to address any stumbling blocks or uncertainty.

I don’t believe this will work for me.

Believe me when I say that simply taking part in this process and doing nothing else afterwards can create shifts in your life. Sure, if you want to bring about change you have to take action. Sometimes, just sometimes, the very act of sitting down and asking yourself what you truly want, can create massive change in your life. Almost as if you’ve finally realised that you matter! But yes, vision boards don’t work, YOU DO! Your vision board will get you clear on what you want and the discovery workbook and What Next? workbook will help you figure out where you are now, what’s important to you and how to move forward with your board as your guide.

What happens after I purchase?

You’ll be given access to the entire course online. You’ll be able to access the content at your own pace time and time again.

What’s your cancellation/refund policy?

As this is an instantly accessed course there is no refund policy. However, if you’re dissatisfied with the content of the course I’m more than happy to discuss a refund with you.