Manifest While You Have Fun

manifest while having fun

How important is the feeling of joy in the Law of Attraction?

Does it matter if we feel good, happy, or even sad while we’re trying to manifest? It does. And I’ll show it to you.

Have you ever really wanted something?

That could be a thing… like a new phone, a car or a house. Or it could be a person or a pet.

Then you know that it’s difficult to pretend to feel like having it already.

The Law of Attraction: Like Attracts Like

What you send out, you get more of.

If you send out feelings of sadness and misery, the Law of Attraction will make sure you get more of the same kind. Not because it’s evil. But simply because such is the law.

Like attracts like.

It’s therefore important you connect it with an appropriate feeling. Especially when you visualize with the purpose of manifesting something you want.

So here we have the first sign that a feeling of joy is important in the Law of Attraction.

Neville Goddard Told Us to Visualize with Emotion

Neville Goddard did an immense work to share his visions about how to manifest one’s deepest desires.

Many of the lectures and teachings that he did are included in his book “Feeling Is the Secret” from 1949.

In that book, he shares not only why it’s important to visualize with feeling, but also how feeling in a specific manner matters.

It makes the difference between manifesting your deepest desires and not succeeding in getting what you want.

When you deeply want something, you feel desire. The feelings you send out are the feeling of lack of that something you want.

The Universe, in its wisdom, picks up on your emotion and gives you more of that. More lack of what you desire.

The right feeling to send out if you want to manifest your desires is the feeling you would have if you had the object.

Gratitude is the key.

Let’s say you have a burning desire to get a new phone. How do you feel?

If you’re not aware of Neville Goddard and his teaching, you will constantly send out emotions of lack of that object.

But imagine for a moment that you already had what you desired. You wouldn’t feel that burning desire, would you?

No, you would feel gratitude.

Right after you got what you wanted, you may even be elated. You may be bursting with joy.

But that emotion doesn’t stick.

Once you get your desired object, for example, the new phone, it will feel awesome to begin with. But then it will be just something you’re happy for. Maybe something that makes you smile. But the immense feeling of joy is gone.

Nobody Expects You to Be Elated All the Time

An estimated 2/3 of people who try visualization struggle with feeling like they already have what they desire.

They are trying too hard to feel on top of the world. They imagine that once they have their desired object, then they’ll be over the moon with happiness.

And that’s only true for a first, short time.

So when they try to pull forth that feeling while visualizing, it fails. Which is a good sign, because it means that their subconscious works well and weeds out the fake feeling of ecstatic happiness.

They think it doesn’t work for them to feel like they are already in possession of what they want. And in reality, their subconscious tells them this is foolish. Nobody feels like that after a few days of having it. I don’t believe you. You’re trying to scam me.

Trusting the Flow of Emotion

The key here is authenticity.

The Law of Attraction responds to genuine emotions, not forced ones. Trying to sustain an elated feeling indefinitely is unnecessary, and it’s not what manifestation is about.

Instead, learn to trust the natural ebb and flow of your emotions.

It’s okay to feel excited when you first imagine having your desire. However, don’t put pressure on yourself to remain in a constant state of euphoria. It’s normal in life that your feelings aren’t constant. They change. One day you’re over-the-moon happy. The next day, you’re in a more neutral mood. And the third, you’re maybe slightly unhappy.

What you need to focus on is gratitude and joy in the present moment.

Feel gratitude regardless of whether or not your wish has manifested. Feel the joy without overreacting, as if you had what you desired and have already had it for some time.

Don’t ignore or even deny other emotions, like feeling sad or anxious.

If you have those emotions, it’s because they are yours and you need to acknowledge them. Only then can you work on changing them into positive emotions.

Find the Balance Between Wanting and Letting Go

Sure, you really, really want that new phone and you can’t wait to get it… but it’s important that you don’t send out those longing vibes.

It’s crucial.

Don’t cling to your desires like a lovesick tomcat. Instead, you must accept your desires and let them go. Trust the Universe and the Law of Attraction. You don’t need to know HOW you’ll get what you want. You only need to know that you will get it.

They are already on their way.

When you feel joy, the Universe will react to that feeling and send you more to be joyful about.


The Law of Attraction states that what you send out, you’ll receive more of back.

Therefore, it makes sense that if you send out vibes of joy, you’ll get more of it. And what better way to send you joy than to give you what you desire?

Feel the joy, but don’t overdo it.

It helps to imagine having already received what you desire and had it for a while. Sure, at first, you’ll be over thrilled with joy. But once the honeymoon phase it over, you’re filled with a quiet joy instead.

Let that be your guide. Then you’ll soon manifest your heart’s desires and be filled with more joy.

Miranda Sage

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