Let’s Glow! From Gratitude to Success

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Everybody talks so much about it. You can buy gratitude journals. And people do gratitude exercises.


How can it possibly help to appreciate items or people you already have in your life, when there is so much else you really want? When I first heard about gratitude, I was disappointed. I didn’t see how that could help me.

But what is the role of gratitude in successful manifestation?

What Is Gratitude?

Gratitude is an emotion.

According to Dictionary, it’s “the quality of being thankful.” According to the American Psychological Association, it’s “a sense of happiness and thankfulness in response to a fortunate happenstance or tangible gift.”

When you feel gratitude, you’re happy.

Why Is Gratitude So Powerful?

You’ve heard by now that the Law of Attraction is all about like attracts like.

What you send out, you’ll get back. When you send out vibrations of sadness, you’ll get more sadness. When you send out vibrations of abundance, you’ll get more abundance.

When you feel grateful for something, you send out happy vibes.

In return, you’ll receive more happiness. More of what you were thinking about. More of what you were grateful for.

How Can Gratitude Help You Reach Your Goal?

When you send out vibrations, you get more of the same.

The vibrations you send out when you’re grateful are vibrations of happiness. The Universe can only respond by sending you more happiness. More to be grateful about.

It doesn’t matter what your goal is.

Let’s say you are happy about your health. You express gratitude about your health. But your goal is a new phone.

The two things are not related.

But send out those intentions of having a new phone. And send out vibrations of happiness and being grateful. The Universe will understand that you’re happy.

So it will give you more happiness.

And it seemed that you would also be happy about a new phone. So why not give you more happiness that way? Gratitude gets you far.

There’s one more way you can use gratitude, which I’ll show you soon.

That was is immensely powerful and known by very few. First, we need to talk about how you show gratitude. It all starts there.

How Do You Show Gratitude?

You can show gratitude in three different ways:

  1. Affirmations
  2. Gratitude journal
  3. Simple daily list

When you use affirmations, you simply state that “I’m so happy now that I [add whatever you’re grateful for].”

Say these affirmations during the day as many times as you can. They are most powerful morning and evening.

Morning, because that makes you start the day on the right foot. Evening, because the feeling will follow you into your dreams.

If you have a gratitude journal you use, simply write down every day the things you’re grateful for. How much you should write depends on your mood and the notebook. Some only give you a line.

Others let you write full pages.

If you want to keep it really simple, you could also just write a list.

I do that every morning in my Notion journal. Sometimes, I have one item on the list. At other times I have ten.

And yes, I often repeat myself from day to day.

Gratitude is powerful. Intention is powerful. But there’s a secret technique that only a few know that makes it even more powerful.

The combination makes the difference.

Your Secret Power: The Sandwich Technique

Here’s a technique I’ve discovered that works every time I use it.

It will make you glow. It will make you go from gratitude to success almost instantly. And it’s super simple to do.

Here are the three simple steps for the “Sandwich Technique”:

  1. Write down what you’re grateful for
  2. Add things you want
  3. Sandwich them in between

First, write down all the items you’re grateful for. It can be people you appreciate. It can be your pets.

It can be your health, other physical items you’re grateful for.

Anything you have in your possession will do. Just write it down in no particular order. Got the list?

Now write down items you want.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you recently got a new phone and you’re really happy you got it. It’s a wonderful phone and it allows you to take beautiful pictures. The sound is better and overall you’re super satisfied with your purchase.

A nice item for your gratitude list.

You’re also happy with your kids, Anna and Bart.

And you love your pets Cardamom the cat and Dynamite the dog.

So you write down that you’re grateful for:

  • Anna
  • Bart
  • Cardamom
  • Dynamite

Now for the stuff you want.

Let’s say you want an extra $100 this week, a new computer and to get rid of an annoying back pain.

You write those three items down, too.

  • $100 extra
  • My new computer
  • My pain free back

Now you sandwich what you want in between what you have.
“I’m so grateful for…

  • Anna
  • $100 extra
  • Bart
  • My new computer
  • Cardamom
  • My pain free back
  • Dynamite”

Do you see why that works so well?

You’re not faking anymore. You already have and appreciate a lot of these items. So, the Universe will not catch any phony vibes from you.

They will be completely and perfectly genuine.

Genuine gratitude. Extra powerful. And unless you believe those things will take time to manifest, then you’ll be surprised to see how fast they do.


Gratitude is a powerful way to manifest.

You’re sending out vibrations of happiness, and you’ll attract more happiness. Just for doing that. One thing is important, though.

Be consistent.

Don’t just feel gratitude one day and then let go a month before you do it again. You need to send out consistent vibes of gratitude. Of happiness.

And when you combine it with the powerful sandwich technique, you’ll be a manifestation magnet.

You’ll manifest all your desires so fast that it will feel like cheating.

Don’t worry. It’s all good. The Universe has your best intention in mind.

Make sure to make that intention count.

Start your new gratitude routine now. Today. And soon you’ll be glowing brighter than a star.

Miranda Sage

Miranda Sage is the visionary behind Miss Manifestation, dedicated to empowering individuals on their journey of self-discovery. With a deep belief in manifestation and the law of attraction, Miranda offers practical tools and heartfelt guidance for unlocking potential and creating desired lives. Her blog blends spirituality and psychology, providing inspiration and empowerment. Miranda's warmth and dedication shine through, inspiring readers to embrace their inner power and manifest abundance, love, and joy. Through Miss Manifestation, she continues to touch hearts and minds, guiding seekers toward growth, healing, and transformation.

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