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How can you enhance your visualization skills for better manifestation?
This will blow your mind, but it’s actually quite simple. It takes only two things.

Build a Daily Habit

Your first step toward enhancing your visualization skills and to get better at manifesting your wishes, is to build a daily habit.
Talent is overrated. Whenever it comes to getting better at something, the route is to work on it every day. Just like musicians or sports folks.

How to Stay Consistent

It’s important that you train your visualization skills every day.
To stay consistent, you should get a system that reminds you of your training. You can use a tool like Notion where you can create automatic reminders. Or even something as simple as a Google calendar.
Make sure you get a reminder either to your phone or computer. Otherwise it’s easy to forget.
Once you have your daily reminder set up, make sure you check it off daily. If you allow yourself to slack for a day, get back to your training the following day. The danger is that one day off becomes many and before you know it, your manifestation has gone completely awry.

Where and When to Visualize

Where can you do your daily training?

It’s always better to use the same spot if possible when you build a new habit. If you go outside in the afternoon to sit quietly on your balcony and enjoy a cup of tea, this is a nice place to visualize.

Make sure the place is as calm as possible.
When should you train your skills? It doesn’t need to be at the same time daily, unless that works for you. But it’s best to anchor the action to something you do daily.
If you’re in the habit of drinking two cups of coffee in the morning, you could make it a habit to training right after you finish your second cup.
Find something you do every day without exception and anchor your session to it. It may slip to begin with, but soon you’ve formed a habit so strong that you’ll never forget again.

Fast Visualizations for the Win

If it’s demanding, it doesn’t get done.
Especially at the beginning of building a new habit.
This means that you should aim to do fast visualization sessions. Five minutes is a time period. Or seven, if you go for a more magic number.
How do you know when time’s up?
One way is to listen to a sound file that takes the exact time you want to spend on building your manifestation skills. There’s a wonderful one with almost magical abilities that lasts seven minutes
Or you can go to YouTube or Spotify and search for meditation music there.
Certain sounds even have the extra benefit that they can enhance your manifestation performance many times.

Enhance Your Performance

There’s a reason why people use music to obtain benefits.
Just google “meditation music” or “writing music” and you’ll find thousands of results. There’s a need here and with reason. Sounds, not just music, affect your brain and emotions. And you can use that to enhance your manifestation skills.

Alpha Sound

When you’re alert and relaxed at the same time – or daydreaming – your brain waves drop to alpha level, which is between 8 and 12 Hz.
On that level, you’ll be better at manifesting your wishes.
It can take a bit of training to reach alpha level on your own. But you can obtain that effect faster when you listen to an alpha sound.
The alpha sound is one form of binaural beats, which I’ll get more into in a moment.
For now, if you want to reach alpha level, google “alpha sound” or “silva alpha sound” and pick one of the free files you can listen to.

Binaural Beats

What are “binaural beats”?
It’s a strange phenomenon. It’s a sound file consisting of two one-tone sounds made with different frequencies.
If, for example, you listen to a 440 Hz tone with your left ear and a 450 Hz tone with your right, your brain will create a sound that has a 10 Hz frequency.
And your brain will react to that sound and either be relaxed or focused depending on how many Hz it is.
The alpha sound will be between 8 and 12 Hz, but you can use other combinations with ordinary binaural beats. Even this secret one that is said to have been created by Nasa and create marvelous results.

Sound Healing 432 Hz

You can find binaural beats with or without music and other stimulating sounds.

Meditation Music

Meditation music will also help you get better results when you’re visualizing.
They will help you relax and lower the barriers between your subconscious and your conscious mind.
That means that you can communicate directly with your subconscious. Your conscious mind won’t be there to tell you it’s impossible to make $10,000 in a month and that you don’t deserve that dream partner you wish for.
Meditation music will often contain harmonious instruments like harps and bells. It’s easy to listen to and flows directly into your ears like a soothing stream.
You can search for the exact length of the music you want to listen to, depending on how much time you want to spend visualizing. That means that if you only have fives minutes available, you can find a piece of meditation music of that exact length.
This gives you two advantages:
The meditation music that makes you relax and an alarm that doesn’t jar your nerves when the time’s up.


You can get better at manifesting your wishes by training daily.
Just like with everything else you want to get better at. You level up your manifestation skills by doing daily exercises. And you can enhance your experience with a sound file of your choice.
It doesn’t even have to cost you extra, since binaural beats, meditation music and alpha sounds are freely available online.
If you want extra speed, though, it’s worth checking out this particular secret sound.

Serenade of Balance: The Power of 432 Hz

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