Gratitude and feline dentistry.

I know what you’re going to say:

“But Emma, I don’t have time for all this manifesting BS. I’m far too busy taking my cat to the dentist and reading buzzfeed articles about child celebrities who grew up ugly and thinking about the macaroni cheese I had on my 7th birthday. Salty.

I get it. I’m doing all those things too. Here’s the good news: 

There are more ways to manifest than there are ways to skin a buck-toothed cat.

Here’s another quick tool you can use in the five minutes before you go to bed. If you’re me, in the five minutes before the Herbal Nytol kicks in. I’m addicted to that bloody stuff.

In seriousness though, here it is.


Before you yawn and say you’ve heard it all before, I do it differently. And better.

Let me explain.
Gratitude works on many of the same principles as vision boarding and all the other manifestation tips, tools and techniques – specify then FEEL good. 
Here’s where I’m a little bit renegade from the usual ‘write a list’ mob.

Instead of what are you grateful for…

What are you grateful for and WHY?

So instead of ‘I’m grateful for my buck-toothed cat.’ it’d be ‘I’m grateful for Mr. Chuffy, my buck-toothed cat, because he makes me smile, gives me cuddles, keeps me warm in bed, has great dental insurance etc. 

That way you’re really honing in on the feelings and amplifying the practice of the gratitude.

It’s too easy to just make the usual list and leave it at that. You can almost do that in your sleep or herbal nytol stupor.

Taking the time to be extra specific is the key.

It’s also about recognising that you’re one lucky mofo with where you’re at right now. Your day-to-day life is someone else’s wildest dreams come true. Coming from that place of existing abundance is the key to generating more great things to be grateful for. Kinda like the chicken and the egg.

Do this consistently for 30 days. If you don’t see a marked improvement in your life I’ll send you $4000*.

*where $4000 = a buck-toothed cat