My 14 Rules For Success…

Today I’d like to share with you some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned during my ten year self-development love-affair, so that you can create a life of joy and connection and a way of being that will stand the test of time…

My hope and intention is that these words of wisdom will help you navigate the good and bad times as well as any obstacles you encounter and help you to build and design your life around what and who you love…


1: There’s Always Another Level To Reach. 

When you think you’ve arrived at a destination, the truth is you’re still only just beginning. We can’t possibly know the higher levels until we’re closer to them because our brains can’t conceive of the absolutely limitless potential we possess.

The truth is you are capable of way, way more than you can imagine in your business, relationships, health, or any other area you can think of. The growth never ends and life is that journey.

Isn’t that exciting?


2: Your Goals Won’t Work If You Don’t Love Them.

I experienced this first-hand recently. My husband and I wrote out our 20 goals. The first 15 were pretty average so I gave myself permission to go all out balls-to-the-wall crazy with the last five.

Oh my god.

What a difference! Those last five goals were ALIVE. They sizzled, god damn it and I felt a passion and intensity that the previous 15 could only dream of.

You need to be in love with your goals otherwise it’s as much use as a loveless marriage that’s not going anywhere.

Find that passion. Rewrite them or make them bigger to feel the power behind being passionate about what you want.


3: Do it now, do it now, do it now.

The one thing that distinguishes those who get what they want, and those who remain dreamers is action. That means execution. Do something, ANYTHING towards making your goal happen and that sends a powerful message to your psyche and to the world that you fucking mean what you’re saying (and doing). Providence moves and it feels as if the world is behind you, rooting you on.

Do it now. Do it now. Do it FUCKING now. If it hasn’t happened for you it’s either because you don’t want it or you haven’t taken any action.


4:The Reframe Is Worth Its Weight In Gold.

Being able to reframe a situation from negative to positive will absolutely save your life and your sanity.

Unless you can find the gift in the situation you will always be a slave to circumstance.

Reframing comes with practice. it’s a conscious effort to observe rather than be drawn into drama or problems.

There is always a positive to come from a negative.

Search and you will find it.

When you find it you’re already back on the path.


5: Don’t Quit When The Going Gets Tough

Life is the obstacles. That’s where we learn.

That’s where the growth lies.

Don’t shy away from it. Fucking walk with your head held high and say “Fucking come on then! I’m ready.”

Life will throw shit at you sometimes. These are powerful opportunities for growth.


6: You Will Always Be Tested.

Whenever you decide you’re going after something, it’s like the Universe drafts a memo to the ‘Fuck Shit Up’ Department and before you know it, some turd is on the fly. This, as unbelievable as it sounds, is a good sign. You will be tested. This is your opportunity to prove that you mean what you say and you’re ready to take it on, shit or no shit.

It’s easy to get lost in it and give up. That’s unwise. Really what you’re saying is that you’re full of shit and you don’t really mean what you say you do.

Normally you can expect this test to show up in the 4 weeks after you proclaimed your will to the Universe.


7: Keep Clearing The Space.

Your handbag. Your purse. Your kitchen drawer. Your car. Your underwear drawer. Your office. Your body. Your everything. Clear, clear, clear.

Creating space is one of the most powerful things I’ve learned to do over the years to invite in fresh energy and results.

Keep clearing. Keep affirming that this is a symbolic gesture that you’re ready to clear space for the new.


8: Who You Hang Out With Matters

You are the sum of the five people you hang around with most. In all areas of your life.

Surround yourself with positive people. People who inspire you and motivate you and have your back.

If you are surrounded by negativity it’s highly unlikely that is not having an effect on you.

9: Say Thank You Sincerely And Often.

Tell the people in your life how much you appreciate them. Gratitude is everything. Keep a journal. Write it down and express it where you can.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


10: A Mentor Or Mastermind Is Vital

If you think you can do this alone, you’re mistaken. Everyone, and I mean everyone, needs a support network of people or a mentor or coach to support them to reach the next level. Invest in yourself and you’ll reap the rewards ten-fold.


11: Magic Happens When You Decide 

Successful people (in all areas) make decisions. There’s no space for wishy-washy, maybes, I’m not sure, let’s wait and see, I’ll give it some though.

Fucking decide.

Rightly or wrongly make your move.

There’s no such thing as a bad decision. Just an undesired outcome. Then you get to make another decision.

Be all trousers and less mouth.

See massive things happen.


12: Sort Out Your Shit

Same as the clearing thing above. Sort your shit out. Get therapy. Go to counselling. Visit an NLP or other kind of practitioner and talk it out. Deal with the stuff. Purge your heart and soul until there’s none of that shit holding you back.


13: Sex Is A Powerful Manifesting Tool

Don’t underestimate the power of sex to be able to manifest A LOT of things into your life. The reasons for this are an email for another day (or perhaps a podcast) but sex with yourself or someone else is a mighty powerful way to bring in more. It’s an energy power house if used in the right way. I highly recommend it!


14. If You Want To Get, Give First.

It doesn’t matter what it is, whatever you want, you have to give it first in order to receive.

Want more love? Be more loving to others.

Want some money? Give some away.

And give without the expectation or want of anything in return. I didn’t say this was easy, but it is the truth as I see it.


So these are my 14 rules for success…

I’m confident that if you follow them, you’ll build a life that brings you passion and joy.

If you enjoyed this, please reply and let me know… I’d love to hear from you, and please tell me what you found most valuable…

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