Are Your Thoughts Making You Fail?

are your thoughts making you fail?

It’s not possible always to be cheerful and happy.

Sometimes, we’re just feeling alone or sad. That’s not how we want to feel. So, we want to manifest the solution to this problem.

But how can we manifest when we’re feeling low or experiencing negative emotions?

Being unhappy, sad, feeling low… Those emotions are sending all the wrong signals to the Universe. Like attracts like.

When you’re sending out feelings that you don’t want, you just get more of them.

More tears, more sadness. More anger. More unhappiness.

What can you do to change your feelings?

Undo Your Vibrations – Step 1: Catch the Emotion

Catch yourself the next time you feel low.

The emotion gives you away – there’s something wrong. What? What do you feel exactly?

Define your emotion.

Be precise. Don’t just say, “I’m depressed.” Write down exactly what you’re feeling, ex. I’m so sad that my better half left me and now I’m alone and I don’t know if I can handle it.

You need to know your exact emotion before you can undo the vibration.

Undo Your Vibrations – Step 2: What Do You Believe?

What led to that emotion?

What do you believe? Do you believe that life should be easy and happy? Do you believe that nobody has the right to betray you or do things you don’t like?

Don’t judge yourself but find out what you believe.

This step isn’t easy. It takes some honest looking into your mind and thoughts. And what you find may look ugly to you.

Your beliefs often come from outside. You get a lot of beliefs from your parents, from you were so small that you accepted everything they said and did. This is how it should be for a small child.

But now that you’re an adult, you don’t think about those beliefs anymore.

They just are there. They exist and they dominate your life without you knowing it. Your beliefs are in control of your thoughts.

And your thoughts are in control of your actions.

Worse. Your beliefs control your feelings and the vibrations you send out to the Universe. And when those feelings say that you feel low, or you experience other negative emotions… it’s better not to manifest than to manifest the wrong objects.

Where does this start?

Let’s take an example.

In step one, you found you were sad because your better half left you. Now you’re alone and you don’t know if you can handle it. So, you cry all the time.

There can be several beliefs hiding behind that one emotion:

  • For example, the belief that you must be strong all the time.
  • Or that you can only be happy with your better half close to you. Somebody else is responsible for your happiness. Not you.
  • You’ve never handled being alone before, and the world should be a safe place.
  • Somebody should tell you how to handle this situation.
  • Your better half had no right to leave you. He must come back.

Once you have your belief, you can change your thoughts about it and that way, change the belief.

Undo Your Vibrations – Step 3: Change Your Thoughts

Your thoughts are making you fail.

You can’t directly change your beliefs. EFT/Tapping can help. But there are other ways.

Your thoughts can control your beliefs.

Your first step was to catch the emotion. Your second was to find the belief behind this emotion. Now you need to change your thoughts.

You do that by questioning everything.

Let’s say your belief is that you don’t deserve happiness. Ask yourself where that rule came from? Who decided that you didn’t deserve happiness?

Ask why it is so?

And then ask if you’re absolutely certain that you don’t deserve happiness. Ask yourself for proof of that. Sometimes, this gives you an appropriate reply.

Like, “because I’ve never been happy.”

Excellent reason to believe that you don’t deserve happiness, right? Except… Even though you may never have been happy, who says that you never can be happy?

Before the wheel was invented, nobody drove a vehicle, right?

Before Gutenberg invented his printer, books had to be handwritten, and nobody had ever bought a printed book, right? So, if Gutenberg had said, “I don’t deserve to create a printer, and I can prove it. It’s never been done before…”

What would have happened?

You know the answer. So that proof just doesn’t work. Ask again.

Keep asking until you know and feel that your belief and thoughts are wrong.

Undo Your Vibrations – Step 4: Think New Thoughts

You’ve established that you’re experiencing an emotion that will harm you.

You’ve found the belief behind that emotion. And you’ve proven that the belief is untrue. Now it’s time to change your thoughts and thereby change your emotions.

Instead of X think Y.

If we go with the previous example: I don’t deserve happiness, then change that to, “I’ve not had much happiness in the past, but I can get that now.”

That is more optimistic, right?

Already, the mood is better, and the unpleasant emotion is on its way to disappear.


We can’t manifest when we’re feeling low or experiencing negative emotions.

But what we can do is change our feelings. We can improve our mood. And we can work on and get rid of the negative emotions.

It’s simple… but not easy.

Is it worth it? Absolutely. Going through those 4 steps will help you to manifest your deepest desires.

What’s more…
They will help you get a better life. No matter what kind of lemons life throws at you, yellow, green, rotten… you can bounce them back like were they volleyballs.

Skip the lemonade and go directly to the Champagne.

Now you should be able to easily manifest it, because:

  • You’re no longer feeling low
  • You’re no longer experiencing negative emotions
  • You’re no longer sending out the wrong vibrations

You’re ready to manifest whatever it is you dream about. Even the thing that made you unhappy in the first place.

Miranda Sage

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