5 Ways to Get Fancy Results without Fancy Routines

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Have you tried to reach goals with the Law of Attraction, but in vain?

Did you get tired of all the routines? Sigh… I can’t blame you. There seems to be a never-ending number of routines to go through.

And never-ending is never easy.

Still… There’s a method to the madness, and there’s a reason why the gurus say we should use routines. They work.

Would you like to know the best practices for daily manifestation routines?

In short: Keep it simple. In this article, you’ll learn about five methods that will get you fancy results without fancy routines. Use one… or all five.

Method #1: Morning and Evening

Morning and evening are your two most important times a day.

The morning is the time your day starts. What you do here affects your entire day. That’s why it’s so important to start the right way.

Evening, right before you fall asleep, is a perfect time to reflect on what happened during the day.

Even better. You can affect your dreams with your thoughts at this point. And thereby shape your future.

In practice, here’s how you use those moments to perfect a quick and simple routine.

Morning Gratitude

Start your day by expressing gratitude for the things you already have in your life.

You can write them down. It’s part of my daily journal routine and I simply have an open space for writing down as few and as many things I’m grateful for as I please. Some days that means two things.

On other days, I’m grateful for 20 things.

Don’t push yourself… Pick as many things you’re grateful for as possible and leave it at that. We want this routine to be easy, simple and fast.

If you don’t enjoy writing them down, just say them mentally before you get up.

Or in front of the mirror when you brush your teeth. As early in the morning is possible, because this affects your whole day. You start on a good vibration.

Nighttime Reflection

How was your day?

Don’t just think about the events that happened, but also about how you felt about them. Most importantly: focus on the positive moments and what you’re grateful for.

Again, this is part of my journaling routine, so I write it down in the evening, just before I go to bed.

You don’t need to follow my lead here. You can mentally reflect on the good things that happened. Feel the joy while you lie in bed and feel drowsy and ready to go to sleep.

Take your good vibrations with you from the day into the night and your dreams.

If this morning and evening routine isn’t for you, then perhaps the Set and Forget is.

Method #2: Set and Forget

Have you ever noticed that you manifest better when you’re not obsessed with what you desire?

There’s a reason for that. When you desire something, and you think about it all the time… You really NEED this thing so badly…

Guess what?

You’re sending out vibes of lack of that desired object.

And the Universe, obedient to your feelings as always, sends you more of what you send out. More lack. More need.

If instead you send out your desire.

Tell the Universe what you would really want to manifest. Then forget about it. And it will happen.

This manifestation method could very well be the most effective of them all.

But how do you forget what you really want? There are ways to do that. Here are some examples:

You can write down your desire on a piece of paper and burn it.

Or you can write it into a file and delete it.

Or even make a vision board and bury it in the garden.

It sounds like a difficult task to set and forget a wish. But it’s true when they say that out of sight is out of mind.

That is, until the moment where your wish manifests itself. Then you’ll remember.

Method #3: Act as If

Act as if you already have what you desire, adopting the mindset and habits of your future self.

I’ve used this method many times with great success. At first, I felt like a fake. But then I thought of it differently.

Like a game.

This is just a game. Just like when you were a kid, and you “were” a prince or a princess. You acted as if.

I often do this with open eyes, while I’m walking around or doing chores. I call it “Eyes Open Manifestation.”

If the object you want to attract is a spouse, then act as if the spouse is next to you when you’re shopping. Act as if you sit and enjoy the television series together. Act as if you’re planning the next holiday together.

If the object is a gadget like a new phone, then “see” that new phone every time you use your old one.

It’s difficult at first, but it gets easier with practice.

Pretend you have already manifested your heart’s desires. And you’ll soon have them in your possession.

Method #4: Moon Manifestation

With this manifestation method, you need to step outside and keep an eye on the moon.

Start the process during the new moon.

A new moon is the opposite lunar phase of a full moon. During the new moon, the moon is dark and almost invisible. When that happens, you set your intentions.

The moon will continue through the following phases and reach a full moon.

That’s when the moon is the most visible. You see the whole moon. Bright and shiny.

During the full moon you should release what no longer serves you.

Method #5: Use Crystals

Our fifth and final method to obtain great results is easy.
Carry or meditate with crystals known for their manifestation properties, like citrine or clear quartz.
You can carry crystals in your pockets, in a necklace around your neck, or simply have one or more laying on the table where you sit.
Just like crystals made the old radios work, crystals can enhance your manifestation efforts and add power to it.
No need for a routine.
Just keep the crystals near you.


Now you have five different ways to enhance your manifestation method.

You will get fancy results without using fancy routines. And you can use one of the methods, your favorite, two, three, four… or even all five of them.

They won’t work against each other.

Miranda Sage

Miranda Sage is the visionary behind Miss Manifestation, dedicated to empowering individuals on their journey of self-discovery. With a deep belief in manifestation and the law of attraction, Miranda offers practical tools and heartfelt guidance for unlocking potential and creating desired lives. Her blog blends spirituality and psychology, providing inspiration and empowerment. Miranda's warmth and dedication shine through, inspiring readers to embrace their inner power and manifest abundance, love, and joy. Through Miss Manifestation, she continues to touch hearts and minds, guiding seekers toward growth, healing, and transformation.

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